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High Frequency Yoga + Fitness LLC

High Frequency Yoga + Fitness LLC

High Frequency Yoga + Fitness LLC High Frequency Yoga + Fitness LLC

About Us


Our Why

Throughout this journey called life, it is always good to have someone in your corner.  We love to provide a space that encourages community, strength, self improvement and growth.  Seeing people become the best version of themselves is what makes us happy.  Our only limits exist in our minds. Our goal is to help others throw away those limits and excel beyond their perceived limitations.

The only limit is the one you set yourself

About Us

We are more than a fitness studio. We are more than a yoga studio. We are a space that  offers a range of fitness, wellness, and healing modalities in the modern age we live in.  We host workshops on everything from Nutrition, Anatomy, Yoga, Meditation and more.  We believe that increased knowledge of self helps to optimize our performance in life. 

Our Team


Melissa Vogt | Yoga instructor & trainer

Melissa's extensive background includes 11 years of teaching various types of yoga as well as personal training instruction. In addition to her 250hr Yoga Teacher certification from Evolation Yoga in Tampa, FL, Melissa holds a multitude of other training/certifications ranging from Bikram to Pole Fitness. She has been teaching in the Tampa Bay and Los Angeles area for over a decade.

Melissa's style of teaching is unique in that with great passion, she lovingly shines the light of awareness upon mobility and functionality. Helping others live optimally is her main goal. She reminds others that movement is about self-exploration and stillness a conduit of befriending our intelligent minds. She actively and safely encourages others to approach their yoga practice with mindfulness, compassion and self-love. She gently reminds, only dig deep enough to explore the edge with an innocent child-like curiosity and light-hardheartedness; without attachment to the end result. 


april heller | Pilates instructor

April has been practicing Pilates since 2008. In 2014, she completed her 450 hour training with Pilates Sports center in Tarzana, CA. Being one of the top graduates, she was accepted into their internship where she was able to work with staff instructors at Pilates Studio City. Her love of Pilates started shortly after she decided to make fitness a priority in her life. Due to hyper mobility, scoliosis, and other spinal abnormalities she would find herself hurting or injured while doing other forms of exercise. Pilates taught her the discipline and how to initiate movement from the core to safely execute any type of movement. 

Her journey into the fitness world started through her first love, the subconscious mind/human behavior. She is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and a Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming. She observed that in herself and her clients, that order to create lasting change the mind AND body needs to be addressed. "Physical fitness is a prerequisite of happiness." Joseph Pilates. April's teaching style is form focused and breath centered. She is observant and meticulous. Her approach is focused on quality and consistency of movements. "A trained mind and body are far more efficient and powerful than untrained ones. They must work together." She has been a Hypnotherapist since 2007. She specializes in sexual abuse/victimizing traumas. Her passion is being of service to others through her own journey of healing childhood traumas and sexual abuse. 

Our Team


luis leon | yoga instructor & sound PRACTITIONER

Luis "LJ" has been practicing and teaching in the St Petersburg/Tampa area for over 3 years. His passion is helping others through restorative yoga and through the power of sound. LJ is a sound healer and typically divides his classes 50% practice/50% sound. He has a deep understanding of sound current and how it can be deeply therapeutic & calming for those he teaches. He helps his students slow down the mind and become more in tune with their mind/body connection. 


Jessica falter | boot camp instructor & trainer

Fitness has been Jess’s savior and sanctuary since 2016. She found purpose, passion, and motivation in helping herself and others through personal growth and fitness. Jess struggled with her weight throughout her younger years, and once she realized the power within herself, made a drastic life change for the better.  Jess earned her personal training certification and has been training clients and leading boot camps as she leads from the front. She has a passion for helping others in their fitness journey and leads by example with expertise in fitness and nutrition. Jess’s father was diagnosed with diabetes, and after watching his struggles unfold, she decided she needed to be a motivational imprint to all those who seek prosperity, health, and wellness. Jess has worked diligently to become a personal trainer and proudly shares her insight on health and wellness with everyone she can. “Fear is the only thing standing in our way of becoming who we’re meant to be. Let me help you conquer it.” 

Our Team


Elizabeth Focazio | YOGA INSTRUCTOR

Elizabeth's journey of Yoga is one of giving back to the community and empowerment.  Elizabeth "Lizz" states that Yoga  "Taught me that the strength I need is always located in my core. My practice has helped me develop a personal confidence I never thought possible. I knew I wanted to spread that feeling to other people, especially young women in the under served community."

Lizz was granted a scholarship for a 200-hour yoga teacher training at the Santosha Institute in Bali, Indonesia to pursue her passion and she went for it.Giving back is in her core so she contributes a lot her time to teaching classes in the community for the Special Olympics as well as other non-profit organizations. Before moving to Tampa, she served as a member of the Junior League of the Palm Beaches. She believes that Yoga is a present you can give yourself every day. The true gift of yoga is that there is always more to learn. Whether it is a complicated pose, a deep emotion or perfecting your breathing… the destination is the practice. 


Julie minc |Yoga instructor

Julie Minc is 200 hour RYT and has a passion for helping others. Julie began her yoga journey during a difficult period in her life. While searching for a way to cope with anxieties, depression and loss, she discovered the art of self-regulation through a daily yoga practice. She began to experience the restorative and transformative nature of yoga connecting to the inner -self- unifying mind, body, and spirit. Her practice is focused on a full-spectrum approach to health and rejuvenation, encompassing asana, pranayama, mantra, and mudra.  

Julie's classes provide a space that offers her students the benefits of slowing down the mind and body as a way to radically shift perspective from a state of disarray to a state of grounded awareness.  Julie offers a safe and welcoming environment to ALL LEVELS seeking peace, strength and self-love through an integrative vinyasa flow focusing on connecting to the breath, slowing down the mind, and strengthening the body. With her own renewed perspective, Julie hopes to share the nature of yoga with her students in a challenging, yet peaceful and supportive environment. Strength surrounds us, love guides us and peace fulfills us. 


Kristen Baureis | Yoga & barre Instructor

Kristen is native to the Tampa area and has been teaching yoga since 2017. Her yoga journey began right after college, when she struggled to find fulfillment, self-love, and purpose. During her yoga teacher training, Kristen found her voice, gained confidence, and discovered a passion for teaching. She loves a strong vinyasa class, but she also enjoys teaching gentle and restorative yoga. She incorporates the moon cycles, chakra system, and doshas in her practice for a well-rounded, meaningful experience. Kristen also loves to teach Barre as it helps to create a better Mind/Body connection while having fun.

Kristen strives to provide a safe and creative environment for her students, so they can explore their truth and connect with their souls, the elements, and the cosmos.  Kristen is a graduate of the Florida Academy of Ayurveda and hopes to dive into herbalism in the near future. She has two dogs, Luna and Dozer, and likes to exercise, write, and spend time in nature. 


Sara Silva | Founder & Head Instructor

Fitness & Wellness has played a large role in Sara's entire life.  She danced as a young girl, played sports and continued her passion of physical fitness throughout her time serving in the active duty Army for 8 years. She earned her Personal Training Certification with the International Sports & Science Association, while serving in the military and taught group fitness classes when/where she could.  Sara earned her 200hr Yoga Teacher Certification in Rishikesh, India, her Mat & Advanced Mat Certification in NYC & New Orleans and her Barre certification here in Florida.  She loves to help others through teaching and believes that we can develop a more satisfying existence through improving our health.

After her time in the service, she worked overseas as a Security Contractor in support of Department of State, Diplomatic Security.  While working overseas, Sara deepened her practice of Yoga, Sound, and Meditation in her free time, helping her heal from past not so desirable experiences & increasing her knowledge of Self. This experience led her onto a path to help others find their peace of mind.  She loves guiding others in meditation, playing the gong & coaching high intensity workouts.